Installing .Net Core version 1.0.5/1.1.2 from tarball

Written on June 9, 2017

Scott Hanselman recently blogged Trying .NET Core on Linux with just a tarball (without apt-get). One of the comments posted on the article was by Matt (not me):

FYI, all the tarball links point to v1.0.4 instead of v1.0.5 or v1.1.2

Matt’s comment is not entirely true. All the SDK links are v1.0.4. However, all the runtime tarballs are v1.0.5.

Highlighted Runtime download list

Scott does a very good job explaining how to install .Net Core from a tarball. The post was written about a concern about wanting to have .Net Core installed in one location rather than it going everywhere. Scott’s instructions on dealing with this are good but I would like to point out that Microsoft’s own instructions are also valid with one exception.

The exception being that Microsoft’s documentation still points to a v1.0.4.

Microsoft download instructions -- debian

The Microsoft documentation should be updated to:

sudo apt-get install curl libunwind8 gettext
curl -sSL -o dotnet.tar.gz
sudo mkdir -p /opt/dotnet && sudo tar zxf dotnet.tar.gz -C /opt/dotnet
sudo ln -s /opt/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin

You can change the curl string to get v1.1.2 if that is what you prefer:

curl -sSL -o dotnet.tar.gz

This bash script is just like what Scott is doing. It will install .Net Core runtime in /opt/dotnet, which you then link to /usr/local/bin so your user can run the dotnet command.

Hopefully this clears up how to get the latest (LTS/Current) .Net Core version installed. (As of today)